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We don't settle for less than 100%
customer satisfaction

OptiPost is not a printer.
OptiPost is not just about e-invoicing.
OptiPost is not an IT company.

Why choose OptiPost?

OptiPost optimizes the outgoing legal document flow. We want to destress you and your team, take away the work and the risks for errors. At the same time we guarantee to improve your working capital by dropping the costs, increasing the efficiency within your organisation and scale down your days sales outstanding (DSO).

We focus on the best fit solution for your enterprise. No matter the channel and format used to send out your invoice.. Our preference is to satisfy you and your customer.

Your document flow processes will become simple, transparent, less expensive and more efficient with our solution.

We are continuously striving to be a safe and reliable partner for our clients.

OptiPost strictly follows all legal directives and fintech changes in the market. We communicate in an open and trustworthy manner with our clients. Together we will make the right choices for your company.

Finally we offer full service and support according service level agreements.

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Curious for our expertise?

Discover what we do and how we do it!

Give us one minute of your time and we’ll explain our business model and approach in the video. We make it simple for you and take over the risks, stress, work, legal aspects and cover all technical issues. One flow IN multi flow OUT. That’s the logic way to send your invoices.