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How to start saving time and money?

Don’t worry

We take care of the whole project from start to finish, from implementation over integration, testing and branding. We even help you onboarding your customers to e-invoices.

Jointly we determine your strategic goals for the project and we follow up closely by introducing some KPI’s. A sale is not over when the order is signed. It is a longterm commitment and  cooperation between both parties.

In short

Together with you, OptiPost sets up a safe digital connection (sftp) between your invoice processing system / ERP and our platform. This connection ensures that your invoicing data will be transferred securely to the OptiPost platform without any intervention of your employees.
We jointly determine your invoice data input file and structure. We have our own preferences, but no panic if you cannot make our input file we will translate yours (mapping).
We decide on the look and feel of your secured document portal. Branding.
OptiPost can send your invoice over a wide variety of channels and formats. We need to decide which channels you would like to use.
The connection with our print partner is integrated as a standard output channel. Set up of all variables needed for printing and inserting needs to be done.
Legal Archive setup.
Setup of the portal, the flow and all processes.
Do you need any online PAY functionalities?
Determine the reporting needed and install KPI’s.
Testing all channels with a live visit of our printing facilities so you personally experience the execution of your final testrun.
Go Live.

You are now ready to save time and money and to please your customers even more.

Important to remember

No changes are really needed at your side. We don’t install any software in your premises and you do not need to buy any hardware. Our solution is provided to you as a service (SAAS).

More info?

Our first focus: your prime advantage.

We improve your efficiency!

You still make your invoice but we will do all the rest. Technology is rapidly changing, laws are constantly being improved, your customers are becoming more demanding. Time to outsource and enjoy operational excellence.