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The logic way to a paperless future

  • Do you need to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase your cash flow?
  • Want to improve your working capital?
  • Are you struggling with slow collections of accounts receivables?
  • Are your customers asking to receive e-invoices in a certain format?
  • Do you need to connect to Mercurius (e-invoicing to Governement) or other invoice platforms?
  • Or do you simply want to get rid of the printing, inserting and posting of your invoices and cut the postal costs?

OptiPost has the solution!

OptiPost takes care of all your outgoing legal document flows.

Our target is to destress you, relieve you of all risks and help you with finding and implementing the correct e-invoice manner.

YOUR way to E is our business!

Our focus lies on digitalising legal documents and sending them through the desired communication channel. OptiPost delivers invoices to your customers using their preferred channel and format: as true data e-invoices, through online portals, via email, EDI, interconnections with other service providers, Mercurius or using the “old fashioned way” of paper and post.

It really does not matter how your invoice needs to be sent out.

You want it to be legal, safe and correct, with added value for your customer and all this at the best cost with the least hassle.

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Our first focus: your prime advantage.

We improve your efficiency!

You still make your invoice but we will do all the rest. Technology is rapidly changing, laws are constantly being improved, your customers are becoming more demanding. Time to outsource and enjoy operational excellence.