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There are still some legal rules to be followed when sending out an invoice, no matter what the channel and format of the invoice is.

    The invoice should be readable for humans. Therefore we always add a secured/signed PDF to the invoice data file.
    The sender of the invoice needs to archive each invoice for at least 7 years. You need to be able to grant access to your archive at the first request of any public auditor or VAT control. OptiPost provides you 24/7 access and full continuity of your legal archive. OptiPost archive services are audited and certified all over the European Union.
    The emitter is responsible for proving and maintaining the AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY of the invoice.
    The sender of the invoice needs to prove and guarantee that he is the one sending the invoice. His identity has to be safeguarded and proven. There needs to be a trace for what service or product the invoice was made.
    It’s important that the content of the invoice stays the same during its lifetime (7 years).

Proof of authenticity and integrity can be delivered in any way of audited control tracks. OptiPost warrants the above rules by electronically signing and so certifying each document. We use TrustWeaver e-signing services for making e-invoices and other critical documents compliant with myriad laws in more than 55 countries.

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We follow all legal aspects of sending out your bills to anywhere in the world.

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We do not need to convince you that an electronic invoice is cheaper than a paper invoice. An electronic legal archive is more consistent and highly secured, more than a paper archive can ever be. Even outsourcing your paper invoice (PRINT & POST) can save you a lot of hard cash.