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MAXimum return

Let’s build up the business case quickly.
Any idea how much you are currently paying for sending your invoice?
Study has calculated that sending out an invoice on paper costs between € 3  – € 5  (study by DAV = paper invoices versus e-invoicing).

  • Time to print, put the invoices in an envelope & send (3min – 0,1min)
  • Archiving (€ 0,17 – € 0,10)
  • Cost of sending invoice by post (stamp + paper & envelope): € 0,73 – transaction costs (€ 0,17)
Paper E-mail Electronic Profit
Outbound € 4,44 € 2,02 € 1,20 – € 3,24
Inbound € 8,04 € 7,68 € 2,27 – € 5,77
Total € 12,48 € 9,70 € 3,47 – € 9,01


Source: Dienst Administratieve Vereenvoudiging FOD Kanselarij van de Eerste Minister – Agence pour la Simplification Administrative SPF Chancellerie du Premier Ministre


Let us do the work!

We start by setting up the platform in your brand and analysing your invoice data. No big costs to be expected here. A small one-time investment sets you on the way. We guarantee you a return on investment within a very short period of time.

For each invoice that is processed, archived and sent out over the OptiPost platform we charge a click cost. This unique “price by the document” model ensures you a complete transparent cost structure.

Of course a paper invoice sent out by post is more expensive than sending out an e-invoice. An e-invoice is cheaper than the most expensive part of a paper invoice, namely the postage cost.

And even on the postage costs we can save you easily up to 30% by using the OptiPost MAILID certified printing partner.

For example:

Your company annually sends out 50.000 invoices. All on paper. The average cost  for  your company is around € 150.000  per year.
OptiPost takes over this process:

  • 25% of your invoices will be e-invoices (average) in the first year,
  • 75% of your invoices we still send by post (using mailid and optimize the printing and inserting),
  • As a result of the above variables we easily save you up to € 100.000  per year.

We provide you on a monthly basis with all the financial figures and full KPI reporting.

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Give us one minute of your time and we’ll explain our business model and approach in the video. We make it simple for you and take over the risks, stress, work, legal aspects and cover all technical issues. One flow IN multi flow OUT. That’s the logic way to send your invoices.