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We improve your efficiency!


You still make your invoice but we will do all the rest.

When using our services, nothing changes inside your organisation. We do not install any software or hardware, you still use your invoicing software (SAP, Msft Dynamics, or any other) in the way you are used to. Finished invoicing for the day? Just click and send the batch of invoices to OptiPost (over a secured connection) and relax. We will do all the rest.


Our customers have granted us their trust. And now they experience extra time for more interesting issues within their organisation, such as customer relation. Even debt collection is a customer contact we believe you should do in person. We’ll do the paper work and the messaging, you have the personal contact with your client using our reporting and feedback files. We will send out your bill, provide payment technology, take care of reconciliation and send out your reminders. Thanks to our reports, feedback and permanent control on the document flow we can provide you with a lot of figures. We log each action so we know when your invoice was received. Thanks to this rolling feedback you have full insight on your debtor’s position.

A drop in your days sales outstanding is a logic result of working with OptiPost.


Technology is changing rapidly , laws are constantly being improved and your customers are becoming more and more demanding. The market competition is no longer just about price. Customers want more: more integration, easier workflows.

Don’t try to manage it all by yourself. Leave it up to a specialist. We use the latest technology, integrate with all invoicing software tools, have the needed legal certifications and we connect to all major inbound invoice service providers and EDI platforms. We make it easy for you and even add more functionalities. Let us keep track of the laws and technology and we’ll use it for your benefit.

Time to outsource and enjoy operational excellence.

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Our second focus, your benefit?

Our cost reducing solutions!

We do not need to convince you that an electronic invoice is cheaper than a paper invoice. An electronic legal archive is more consistent and highly secured, more than a paper archive can ever be. Even outsourcing your paper invoice (PRINT & POST) can save you a lot of hard cash.