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Our cost reducing solutions!

Minimalizing your costs is perhaps never the main and only goal but it’s always pleasant to present a business case in which the side effect is a serious drop in operations cost.

Even just outsourcing your paper invoice (PRINT & POST) can save you a lot of hard cash.
The two major costs in sending out an invoice are:

  • The human work and time spent to get the invoice out and to follow it up
  • The postage cost

In our first step towards a paperless future we simply take over the printing, folding and inserting and the postage costs of your outbound invoice flow. OptiPost guarantees the correct invoice in the correct envelope towards the receiver of your invoice thanks to our closed loop 2D barcode system. Each sheet of your invoice, each envelope in the batch is related to an address of your customer. All actions are monitored and can be tracked.

Because we use a MAILID certified print partner we immediately reduce your postage costs at the start of the project by at least 25% for all your paper invoices. Feel free to calculate your hard cost saving.

We do not need to convince you that an electronic invoice is cheaper than a paper invoice. For start there is no postage needed. An e-invoice is not a pdf sent by mail, that’s simply “paper over a wire”. A real e-invoice is a secured & certified pdf AND a data file such as UBL or e-FFF. Sending data to your customer will enable him to import your invoice into his bookkeeping.


E-invoicing only is successful when there is a benefit for the sender AND the receiver. OptiPost connects to all major inbound invoice service providers using our interoperability agreements. If needed, we set up a full EDI connection with your preferred customers to ensure and enhance the partnership between you and them. An electronic legal archive is more consistent and highly secured, more than a paper archive can ever be. Archiving your invoices at OptiPost is not only cheaper, it is legally certified and very user friendly.

Payment facilities

Adding OptiPost payment facilities to your invoices, such as POM, will motivate your customer to pay on time and correct. The more convenient and easy we all make it the less errors and frustrations we provoke.

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